Serenity Lane

Schizophrenia & Schizoaffective Disorder


Schizophrenia is a chronic mental illness that can interfere with your ability to make healthy decisions, think clearly, distinguish delusions from reality, and maintain relationships. Symptoms include hallucinations and delusions, poor hygiene, difficulty communicating and expressing thoughts and emotions, an inability to adequately read emotions and pick up on social cues, and a lack of self-awareness. Therapy can help reduce the severity of these symptoms and take back control of your life and yourself. Counseling is also beneficial for family members who are supporting their loved one suffering from schizophrenia. Serenity Lane can coach you on how to create structure and set boundaries, improve your relationships, be a good role model, and find happiness.


Schizoaffective Disorder

Those suffering from schizoaffective disorder experience the same symptoms characterized by schizophrenia, but additionally deal with the symptoms of a mood disorder, such as depression or Bipolar Disorder. The person may experience intense emotional instability and find it difficult to regulate or manage their emotions in a way that’s productive. Therapy can help both the individual suffering from schizoaffective disorder and their family to promote a productive and healthy life.