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How PSYPACT is Increasing Access to Mental Health Care Across the Country

How PSYPACT is Increasing Access to Mental Health Care Across the Country

How PSYPACT is Increasing Access to Mental Health Care Across the Country

*This blog post was originally published for Bayview Therapy.


Millions of Americans are struggling with their mental health. Since the pandemic, online therapy, also known as teletherapy or telehealth, not only became more widely available, but also preferred by many therapists and clients. But what happens if you are referred to a therapist that practices in a different state or you move across state lines? Interstate licensing compacts, such as PSYPACT, address that problem and allow you to virtually see someone who practices therapy in a different state than where you live.


What is PSYPACT?

PSYPACT is an interstate licensing compact that specifically allows licensed psychologists (mental health therapists with either a Ph.D. or Psy.D. credential) to ethically and legally provide online video therapy across state lines in PSYPACT enrolled states

I am a psychologist (Psy.D.) who is licensed in both New York and Florida. In the state of Florida, PSYPACT was enacted on July 1, 2023 and, as a result, I have the Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT) from the PSYPACT Commission. I provide teletherapy to adults living in Florida and New York (where I am licensed), as well as to adults in PSYPACT states. For a list of participating states, please visit: https://psypact.org/mpage/psypactmap. If you live in one of these states and are looking to improve your mental health and overall quality of life, please contact me today.


Why is PSYPACT Important for Mental Health?

PSYPACT is incredibly important when it comes to increasing access to quality mental health care. There are many benefits to both the therapist and the client, and removes many of the barriers that prevent people from getting the support they need and deserve.


Benefits of PSYPACT for Clients:

Removing Geographical Limitations: If you live in a remote or rural area, there might not be many in-person options to choose from when it comes to getting mental health care. Before online therapy was widely available, some people would have had to travel long distances to get the support they needed. But nowadays because of teletherapy and PSYPACT, where you live is no longer a barrier to getting the help you need.

What if you live in one state and work in another? If they are both PSYPACT enrolled states, you can have virtual sessions with your psychologist from either state. If you travel for work, rather than disrupting your regular therapy routine, you can have continuous mental health treatment. PSYPACT is also helpful for college students who go to school in one state and where their permanent home is in another. If you are a snowbird, which is common in Florida, you might live in one state for half of the year and another for the rest. PSYPACT allows for the continuation of mental health care, even if you do a lot of traveling.

Reducing the Stigma: Online therapy gives you the option to get support from home, providing more privacy than having to go to an office in public. If you live in a small town or rural area, it might be difficult to go to a therapist’s office without other people knowing about it. Seeing a therapist virtually from home increases privacy and comfortability, as well as providing a less intimidating environment. If you can’t find a secluded and quiet space at home, you can meet with your therapist from your car, office, or even a private space in your garden. You get to choose where you meet with your therapist.

Easy to Schedule: Online therapy allows you to squeeze in a 45 – 60 minute therapy session whenever is convenient for you. You don’t have to take traveling or commuting time into account and can easily fit in an appointment around your busy schedule. 

More Cost Effective: With a greater pool of therapists to choose from, lower overhead costs for therapists, and no travel cost to clients, online therapy increases access to mental health care by saving both the client and the therapist money. Clients have a greater choice in therapists, especially if they live in more rural areas, and can “shop around” for a therapist that fits in their budget. Since the pandemic teletherapy has become more widely available, and as a result, several insurance companies cover the cost of teletherapy.

Therapeutic Specialties: Therapists are not all the same. They each have their specialties and strengths. In the past you might have had to wait a long time to see someone who specialized in what you needed until they had availability, or you would have to see a therapist who was not an expert in your specific kind of illness, diagnoses, or treatment. Teltherapy and PSYPACT give you the chance to choose from a wider pool of therapists who specialize in exactly what you need without having to travel or wait a long time for care.

Licensed and Verified Psychologists: For psychologists to become certified with PSYPACT, they have to go through a thorough application process. PSYPACT reviews the psychologist’s credentials, verifies they are licensed, and reviews their education and professional background. When working with a PSYPACT certified psychologist, you can rest assured that your therapist is licensed, safe, and valid. To find out if your therapist currently has a the Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT) credential granted from the PSYPACT Commission, visit: https://www.verifypsypact.org/PsypactDirectory


Benefits of PSYPACT for Psychologists:

Rather than going through the time consuming and expensive process of getting individual licenses in multiple states, PSYPACT offers psychologists the option to become credentialed to provide online therapy to clients across the country. Joining PSYPACT is a cost-effective way to reach more clients and offer online therapy to people who might not otherwise be able to access mental health care. Plus the list of states joining PSYPACT is growing all the time, further increasing your reach. In order to apply to PSYPACT, you must be a psychologist (Psy.D. or Ph.D.) licensed in an already enrolled PSYPACT state.


Get the Help You Need From Wherever You Are:

No matter where you live, you deserve high quality mental health care, happiness, and inner peace. Dr. Heather Violante, Psy.D. provides teletherapy (online video therapy) to adults living in Florida and New York, as well as all PSYPACT enrolled states (listed below). Contact her online or call (754) 333-1484 to request a HIPAA compliant teletherapy session.



Offering Online Therapy in 39 States

I am a licensed psychologist in the states of Florida and New York. Additionally, I have Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT) from the PSYPACT Commission. I provide telehealth (online video therapy) to adults living in the 39 participating PSYPACT states listed below. For a list of current PSYPACT participating states, please visit the PSYPACT website at: https://www.psypact.org/psypactmap.

PsyPact enrolled states:
Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming